Kefir Goats milk Probiotic


Kefir Goats milk Probiotic (Frozen Paws and Bones)

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Kefir Goats milk Probiotic could be described as a Probiotic on Steroids known as the “grain of life” it contains many probiotic organisms that have incredible healing properties. While it has a similar consistency to plain yoghurt it is said to pack much more of a punch because it contains far more strains of friendly bacteria, which are crucial for a healthy gut. Kefir is not just good for dogs but humans can benefit from it too! Advances in veterinary medicine have confirmed that the benefits of probiotics for our dogs are vast and this is because they can promote all kinds of health gains from strengthening the immune system to guarding against allergies and diseases. Research has also investigated the connection between imbalances of gut flora to anxious behaviour in canines. Some of the excellent health benefits are:- • ANTIBIOTIC AND ANTI-FUNGAL PROPERTIES. • HELPS PREVENT ALLERGIES. • PROMOTES HEALTHY SKIN. • STRENGTHENS THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM. • HELPS WITH HEARTBURN, GAS, IRRITABLE BOWEL AND UPSET STOMACH. • CAN COUNTERACT BAD BREATH. • HELPS WITH PANCREATITIS, JOINT DISEASE, ANEMIA, AND LEAKY GUT SYNDROME. • POTENTIALLY REDUCES THE INCREASE OF CANCEROUS CELLS. • CAN HELP WITH MALAISE, DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY.