Flirt Pole


A flirt pole is an exercise tool you can use with your dog in a variety of ways. It can provide exercise, help with impulse control, and even improve your bond and communication with your dog!

Flirt Pole

It’s made of three simple parts

A long pole (or expandable/collapsible) made of a light, yet sturdy material
A long string or rope attached to one end of the pole
A lure, like a toy or an attractive material, fastened to the end of the rope
Most flirt poles are between 3-5 feet long, with smaller ones also being available for indoor use.

They closely resemble fishing poles — minus the hooks, of course.


Flirt Pole, an absoluteley amazing toy and training tool
Using a flirt pole for your dog can seriously improve their impulse control, ability to listen around distractions, and even your two-way communication!

PLUS, flirt poles are a seriously powerful toy for tiring out your puppy or older dog.

If you’ve used a flirt pole with your dog before, what’s their favorite toy to use as a lure?

If you haven’t yet, be sure to revisit this page after trying it and let us know how your dog liked it.