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Buffalo Horns large for Dogs

Are you looking for a chew which is natural, healthy, low in fat and long lasting even for strong chewers? Buffalo horns are becoming an increasingly popular dog treat and could well be what you’re looking for,

Buffalo Horns for Dogs

Are you looking for a chew which is natural, healthy, low in fat and long lasting even for strong chewers? Buffalo Horns are becoming an increasingly popular dog treat, and could be what you’re looking for, keep reading if you are interested in trying your dog on Buffalo Horns.


They are excellent for dental health, and relieving anxiety through chewing.

Most of the horns for dogs, come from water buffalo. These are usually farmed buffalo, who are free range and grass fed.

Buffalo are not slaughtered for their horns alone. The horns are a by-product, and are harvested to ensure that no part of the animal goes to waste. After they are harvested, they are cleaned, soaked in hot water to remove the inner core, then sanded to remove any sharp edges, covered in natural sunflower oil and then air dried.



The main health benefit for Buffalo Horns is their contribution to dental care. They promote good dental hygiene, through scraping off plaque as your dog chews on it. If plaque builds up on the teeth, it can lead to wobbly teeth and inflamed gums, so preventing this will keep your dog’s mouth comfortable and healthy. The Horns can therefore keep your dog’s teeth pearly white, and their breath smelling fresh due to the reduction in plaque.


Buffalo Horns are nutritious treats, which are high in protein and low in fat. This makes them absolutely ideal for dogs who are struggling with their waistline, which is a surprising percentage of the dog population. They are also high in calcium and phosphorus, which are vital for healthy, strong bones and muscles. As a result, the Horns can be an excellent addition to your dog’s diet.


Finally, Buffalo Horns are long lasting chews, which can help reduce anxiety for your dog. Chewing releases endorphins, which in turn helps your dog to feel happy, so having something to chew on in certain situations may help your dog cope. This is perfect for stressful situations, such as when there are visitors in the house, fireworks going on outside, or when a house-sitter is looking after your dog while you are away.

The Horns can be filled with food such as wet dog food, pate, or peanut butter the list is endless, and it allows your dog to be distracted by chewing on it for hours, this also helps to relieve anxiety.

Always supervise your dog when he has a chew of any kind to minimise the risk of swallowing splinters or pieces. If your dog is chewing it intensely, take it away to prevent tooth fractures.