Dog has an upset tummy

What did the Vet say

White Rice? Cooked Chicken Breast? and possibly pumpkin?

Yes well, the rice should help treat the diarrhoea symptom by soaking up excess moisture in the bowels, but it’s very high on the glycaemic index, 72% and will turn into sugar in the body, it is also an inappropriate food for Carnivores, and wont help treat the problem, High blood sugar levels may in fact cause further inflammation.

Cooked Chicken Breast, yes definitely a species appropriate food, but did you know that if your dog has allergies, that chicken is the most likely meat to cause more problems, also if the chicken is of the force-fed type, as opposed to free range then its going to be very high in omega 6 fatty acid and very low on omega 3, and probably full of antibiotic.

Pumpkin meat yes, a good source of fibre and as such will also help with the diarrhoea but Pumpkin meat is also very high on the glycaemic scale 75%, that means it’s also going to turn into sugar.

Ok so if those are not a good idea what can we do?

What we recommend is a meal that not only treats the symptoms, but helps your pets gut heal, don’t panic its easily achieved using the right food products and supplements.

The Protein,

we recommend white fish, which is easily digested, if your dog won’t eat fish then Rabbit, or Chicken breast as long as your sure there is no allergy risk, and it’s not force fed.

The Fibre source,

you can use ground Pumpkin seed which is much lower on the glycaemic scale than the meat, and therefore a great option, you could also use Zucchini, and another really good option is Butternut Squash, which helps reduce inflammation and boosts the immune system. Additional fibre source Psyllium Husk

Gut Flora,

When your Pet has an upset tummy its Gut flora is unbalanced, and you need to treat this problem, to help your pet heal, how do we achieve this? By adding in a Probiotic, and our favourite is fermented Goats milk, KEFIR which also adds lost moisture back, another good product is Bone Broth, you can make your own or buy readymade, from our Naked Dog Range.


the very last thing we would add to this is a super gut health product, Slippery Elm Bark, or from Dorwest, our Tree Barks Powder.