Cold Pressed Dog Food

Why Feed Cold Pressed Dog Food

Why chose Cold Pressed complete dog food? because they only contain the finest ingredients. It is gently cold pressed at low temperatures which helps retain the natural vitamins and minerals. Unbelievably nutritious and tail wagging delicious.

“We provide only the best in nutrition!”

Cold Pressed Kibbles are made using a gentle, low heat process. That means they retain all of the natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are lost in the high temperature processing of many ordinary dry kibble dog foods.


It’s gentle on your dog’s tummy and digests naturally by breaking down from the outside in, rather than swelling in the stomach. Pop a little piece into a glass of water and see for yourself just how easily it breaks down.

Cold Pressed has been expertly enriched with natural vitamins and minerals from ingredients including seaweed, green lipped mussel, chia seeds, green tea extract, parsley, rosemary, chondroitin sulphate and chicory pulp. Helping support healthy skin, improve joint and bone health, as well as promoting good immune function and maintaining a healthy gut.

We stock what we believe are the three best brands available

Dougie’s……….           Available in 3 flavours

Naked Dog….            Available in 5 Flavours

Alpha Spirit…            Available in Multiple flavours we stock 5